Comparison of PTI and PML (N)

Let us compare PTI with PML (N). Lets see how these two parties are different. We will take critical strategic issues to compare the differences.

This comparison also holds true to a lot of extent to other secular parties like PPP, PML Q, ANP, MQM etc

1. Political system. Both parties support western parliamentary democracy and most of their members do not qualify article 62,63.

2. Both parties accept modern banking based on Riba and have no problem with this model of fake paper currencies. Both DO NOT plan to enforce Islamic economic model of Zakat, Usher or division of inheritance according to Quran.

3. Both follow and accept existing Anglo-Saxon laws of 1860, secular courts, lawyers and same corrupt judges and judicial system.

4. Both have NO plans to enforce or implement Sharia laws.

5. Both are extremely soft and defensive towards India and believe in peace and aman ki asha without taking into consideration Indian atrocities in Pakistan, support to insurgencies and Kashmir genocide.

6. Both parties promote liberal western secular cultures of dance, music and gender mixing freely without any moral and religious inhibitions. Western amoral liberal attitude.

7. Both parties are comfortable with Indian and secular influence in media and believe in Madar Pidar azaad media. Both have extremely soft corner towards freedom of media.

8. Quality of members and advisers in both parties is exactly the same. Both have their own share of honest and corrupt people. Some of the top advisers of IK are actually CIA. Same for NS.

9. Both have confused foreign policies and have no idea about the present 4th or 5th generation war or about re-shaping of the middle east. Both parties can be called “idiots” at best in understanding regional and national security environment. They never discuss these critical issues in any policy debate.

10. Both believe in the official narrative of US government concerning 9/11 false flag, i.e. they do NOT believe it was an inside job.

11. Both have more or less equally corrupt members

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12. Both have identical policies with only a minor differences which are tactical at best.

So, is there going to be any change in Pakistan in real terms ?? None whatsoever. Just little change of minor administrative policies cannot really called “Naya Pakistan” !! The whole drama is a fraud and a deception, making a total fool of the nation.

The only politics one should be doing is for establishing Deen Islam.

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