I take a full dose of ECSTASY everyday in the morning right after waking up. Starting with an “out of this world” walk to the Mosque, alone and in the dark. One is immediately in a trance and one has feelings of extreme bliss in talking directly with one’s Lord, the experience of which one cannot express in words. One feels one is in Seventh Heaven.
And then standing before one’s Lord in prayers listening to the lengthy recitation of the Holy Quran. It literally feels like God Almighty is directly speaking to you and trying to teach you something!
And then coming back home and listening to the beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran by Qari Basit and Imam Sudais. Subhan Allah (Glory to be God), the experience can’t be described. Reciting in such a voice that brings tears of joy and tears of fear in the eyes of even the most hard-hearted of people.
After this the whole day passes with such peace & enjoyment, the absence of which is really felt the day I miss my dose of Ecstasy. Its such an addiction that one wakes up in the morning longing for the taste of this fabulous delicacy.
Dear friends one cannot imagine what you are missing. And no, these are not delusions or hallucinations (which are experienced by worldly drugs whose effects are temporary and full of hazards). These are real life experiences and the joy is comparable to nothing.
This is the Ecstasy that keeps me going, for no matter the height of my worldly failures or disappointments, I am still wishing for another tomorrow……