I have no words, literally in tears, can’t believe this shocking news I am hearing. The greatest and most successful manager in world sports, who reigned supreme in English & European Football clubs, since as long as I can remember (1986), is finally retiring. Being very assertive and authoritative became his sole right after bringing us so many laurels including a record 13 British Premier League Titles, Champions Trophy, many FA Cup titles and what not. He will be more than missed, as wandering eyes will be searching with heart-beats amiss for the forlorn fatherly figure of Sir Alex Ferguson anxiously chewing at the touchlines, never to be found again. His commitment, love, dedication and devotion for the club will never be matched. Manchester United, nay even English Premier Football will never be the same again. He is and will remain the one football manager who one tries to emulate. Thank You for all the wonderful times you have given us fans. Thank You Sir. Salam!