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“Oh Lord, increase me in knowledge”

(Holy Quran: 20: 114)

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Medical Doctor MBBS, MD, M.Phil. Currently Pharmacologist (Associate Professor of Pharmacology & Therapeutics) at Sahara Medical College, Narowal, Pakistan.

Currently written over 100 blogs with over 235, 000 viewers currently 600-700 viewers/day from 195 countries:

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Author of Several Books:


‘Learning Pharmacology from Nauman’s MCQs’


“Nauman’s Textbook of Pharmacology” (3rd Edition)


‘Comprehensive MCQs in Biochemistry’

Comprehensive MCQs in biochemistry TTL 15-10-2015

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Practical Manual of Pharmacology
Practical Manual of Biochemistry
Viva Questions in Pharmacology

Books on Islam/Political Islam

Human Rights Violations in the Arab Monarchs
Cognitive Therapy of Depression in the Holy Quran
How to change an individual or a Society
What will the people say?

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Interests : Islam (Political, Financial and all other aspects); Respect for all other Religions; study of other religions

Patriotic Pakistani, but Muslim first

Seeking and Conveying the Truth (e.g. 9/11, 7/7)

Believe in Love and Peace around the world

Research and Study


  • Complete Translation and Commentary of the Holy Quran: Tafheem ul Quran by Maulana Maududi and the Commentary By Muhammad Ali
  • Partial Study of other Translations & Commentaries: Taddabarul Quran and Ma’ariful Quran
  • Hadith Books: Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim (complete)
  • Other Hadith Books: Other Sahih Sitta Books, Mishkaat etc (Partial Study)
  • History Books including Biographies of the Holy Prophet (PBUH), Four Khalifs and other Companions of the Prophet (PBUH) and other religious personalities
  • Many many books of Maulana Maududi (RA)
  • Other literature of Jamaati Islami Pakistan
  • Many other literature/books on Islam and Political Islam
  • Many You Tube Videos of Dr. Israr Ahmad Marhoom
  • Many You Tube Videos of Sheikh Imran Hosein
  • Many You Tube Videos of Dr. Zakir Naik
  • Many lectures of Mr. Nouman Ali Khan
  • Many lectures of other scholars
  • Lectures, blogs, videos from Alternate Media on Current Political Situation
  • Many other sources of information including social media if reliably authentic

Try googling the following :

  • Countdown to Malhama
  • IVF in Islam

    Gog and Magog of yesterday and today

    Forensics of Malala False Flag operation

    Objectives of Project Malala

    Criteria for revolt against a Muslim Ruler

    Political Messages of Surah tul Kahf

    Tips for answering mcqs for the testwise students

    Musharraf crimes

    Paper Money Haram

    Forensic Criminology in Holy Qur’an

    Sheer hypocrisy of Turkey

    Forgiveness and Maintenance

    Significance of Hajj and Sacrifice

    Aylan Kurdi Psyop

    General Pharmacology definitions

    Comparison of PML N and PTI

    Prophet Muhammad PBUH in the Bible

    Muslims and Orthodox Christians Truce

    Achievements of Mr. Nawaz Sharif

    7/7 London bombings inside job

    9/11 Mathematical improbabilities

    9/11 Community Medicine

    Log kiya kahain gay syndrome

    Principles of an Ideal Party

    Similarities Erdogan Nawaz Sharif

    Mullahs and Mullahism

    Difference religion & deen

    Cui bono Ben Ghazi

    Burma Calamity Responsibility

    Flaws democracy islam

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