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Medical Education

Teaching – The Once Noble Profession

Teaching - The Once Noble Profession ‘(Successful are the believers) Who are true to their trusts and their covenants’ (Holy Quran 23: 8) Introduction Teaching is an Amanah (a trust) An authentic Hadith states that one of the questions that... Continue Reading →


Learning Pharmacology from Nauman’s MCQs

Learning Pharmacology from Nauman's MCQs [All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds. (Holy Quran 1: 2) " A great effort"- Prof. Eice Muhammad, Senior most, well renowned Professor of Medicine, Punjab, Pakistan "One who goes through... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma with Private Medical Colleges

The Dilemma with Private Medical Colleges "Read in the Name of Thy Lord" (Holy Quran 96: 1) Note/Warning The following points do not apply to all private medical colleges. In fact for some they may not apply at all. Most... Continue Reading →

Factors Affecting Difficulty & Discrimination Indices

Factors Affecting Difficulty & Discrimination Indices Often teachers are stunned after seeing results of an assessment as to how could students have performed so poorly in an examination. Making fair and systematic evaluations of students’ performance can be a challenging... Continue Reading →

Comprehensive MCQs in Biochemistry

Comprehensive MCQs in Biochemistry Dr Nauman has written numerous medical & non-medical books, mainly for non-profit purposes and as an art that has become his favorite pastime. He has always stated that the biggest achievement for a teacher is to... Continue Reading →

The Integrated Modular System-Simplified

The Integrated Modular System-Simplified "My Lord, increase me in knowledge.". (Holy Quran 20: 114) This special blog is an attempt to explain the new teaching system being introduced in many countries including Pakistan, and how it differs from the traditional... Continue Reading →

What I Learned from IIMC

What I Learned from IIMC  "Oh my Lord, increase me in knowledge" (Holy Quran 20: 114) Islamic International Medical College (IIMC) IIMC is one of the oldest and most well established private medical colleges in Punjab being established in 1996.... Continue Reading →

Principles of Professionalism

Principles of Professionalism Following are some of the basic principles of Professionalism for administrators and individuals working in an Institution 1. Punctuality: Time is precious; and the proverbial phrase “Time is money” almost stands true in this era of competition.... Continue Reading →

“Degree is Degree”

Degree is a Degree I think I know what was the 'philosophical' thinking of our ex-chief minister of Baluchistan, Mr. Raees Aslam Raisani, when he made the statement “Degree is a degree, whether original or fake”. There are many degree... Continue Reading →

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