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Learning Objectives in Pharmacology

Learning Objectives in Pharmacology    General Pharmacology Introduction to Pharmacology Define the term pharmacology Define drug according to WHO Describe the different branches of pharmacology Describe different Pharmacopoeia Describe drug nomenclature Routes of Administration Describe the factors that influence the... Continue Reading →


Alcohol: The Mother of All Evils

Alcohol: The Mother of All Evils                             ام الخبائث   “Surely intoxicants, gambling, dedication of stones and divination by arrows are an abomination of Satan’s handiwork, keep... Continue Reading →

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Signs, Symptoms, Management & Prevention of Sarin War Gas Poisoning

Signs, Symptoms, Management & Prevention of Sarin War Gas Poisoning Introduction It is now being alleged that the Mainstream media (MSM)-propagated Sarin Gas attack may not have been an actual attack by the deadly war gas. It is stated by... Continue Reading →

My Numerous Escapes from Death by Sulfonylureas

My Numerous Escapes from Death by Sulfonylureas But never will Allah delay a soul when its time has come. And Allah is Acquainted with what you do. (Holy Quran 63: 11) Introduction This is an account of my numerous escapes... Continue Reading →

Learning Pharmacology from Nauman’s MCQs

Learning Pharmacology from Nauman's MCQs [All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds. (Holy Quran 1: 2) " A great effort"- Prof. Eice Muhammad, Senior most, well renowned Professor of Medicine, Punjab, Pakistan "One who goes through... Continue Reading →

The Dilemma with Private Medical Colleges

The Dilemma with Private Medical Colleges "Read in the Name of Thy Lord" (Holy Quran 96: 1) Note/Warning The following points do not apply to all private medical colleges. In fact for some they may not apply at all. Most... Continue Reading →

Mrs. Hillary Clinton & Parkinson’s Disease

Mrs. Hillary Clinton & Parkinson's Disease Often patients are a great source of learning. Here Mrs. Clinton proves a good patient for learning Pathophysiology & Pharmacology of Parkinson's disease: Indications that she may have advanced Parkinsonism: 1. Resting Tremors-Less Seen,... Continue Reading →

Nauman’s Textbook of Pharmacology

Nauman's Textbook of Pharmacology (3rd Edition) “The biggest achievement for a teacher is to have done something for his students.” Over 3000 copies sold in one and a half years Most read book by students in Punjab Pakistan especially toppers... Continue Reading →

General Pharmacology-Definitions

Definitions-General Pharmacology Definitions-Pharmacokinetics Absorption The movement/transfer of a drug from the site of administration into the blood stream pKa The pH at which half of the drug is ionized and half is unionized.” Bioavailability The fraction or percentage of drug... Continue Reading →

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